How to buy items on Happybuy?

Step 1:   Pick product  (your step)
● choosing item via categories
● choosing  item via the Searching box

Step 2:  Make  order  &  Do 1st payment--pay order and pre calculated shipping fee (your step)

Here, the weight is just estimated, not the actual weight.

Step 3:  Purchasing for you within 12 hours; Happybuy's setp

Step 4:  Arrived Happybuy 2-3 days ,Inspecting  & Weighingactual weightHappybuy's setp

Step 5:  Submit shipment  & Do 2nd payment--pay shipment (your step)
1. If the actual weight is less than you paid in the step 2, we will refund you the difference.Likewise, if the actual weight is more than the estimated one, you should pay extra money. Perfectly the actual weight is same as that one we estimated, we will deliver your pacakge immediately. You may not operate on this step,

Step 6:  Packaging & Complete the shippingHappybuy's setp

Step 7:  Check the parcel  status  by tracking number (your step)

Step 8:  Received package  &  Make feedback  (your step)